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Frequently asked questions

What does all this cost?

We can guide you on pricing once we learn more about your project ideas and goals. Please send us an email and we’ll set up a discovery call to discuss the video solutions that can meet your budget.

Do your videos actually work?

According to the latest statistics and our personal experience, video has proven itself to be your best asset when it comes to engaing people online. So yes, we are confident that they work!

Who is your ideal client?

We typically work with conservative Baptist churches and ministries, however we are happy to assist various Christian ministries as they seek to preach the true Gospel.

What is the typical timeline?

Most projects are completed within 30 days of the completion of filming but we can be flexible based on what your ministry needs.

Do you help guide us on how many videos, what kind, and a strategy?

Of course! We know that you don’t spend money lightly, therefore we want to help you make the greatest impact with your investement which requires a solid strategy. We’ll help you launch these videos with purpose.

I have a limited budget. Is there anything offered in terms of discounts or assistance?

Our video services are incredibly affordable compared to industry standards. However, in unique cases we can discuss options such as payment plans, promotional discounts, and partnerships to lessen the cost.

Magnify Church Media is a video ad agency. We specialize in creating videos that boost awareness and help your church reach more people.

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