Professional video production for churches

Custom videos that will help your church reach more people

Take the guesswork out of video production and let us create videos for your ministry that will leave a lasting impression and further the Kingdom of God.

We’ve worked with churches & ministries just like yours…

Most churches struggle to leverage video production as a ministry tool because…

Pastors don't have time to master changing technology

Most pastors work an average of 55 hours a week, which means there’s little time to learn about the latest Instagram update or camera launch. There are more important things to do like counseling or sermon study.

Learning video production feels overwhelming

Serving people and preaching the Word is what you love, but learning about lighting or lenses doesn’t exactly thrill you. Like any craft, video production takes time and dedication to master.

Its hard to find pros that understand ministry

Your church is not a business, which makes it’s difficult to find creative companies that speaks your “language”. You’re not just trying to market a product, you’re trying to preach the Gospel!

Professional video equipment is expensive

Most churches cannot afford to purchase video equipment, especially if you might not know how to use it. Investing in gear can be scary since new technology is releasing every month.

We don’t want your church to miss out on the greatest communication shift of our lifetime. That’s why Magnify Church Media has created custom videos for churches just like yours which have helped them engage their community, raise funds, and reach more people for Christ.

Professional video production for churches

We create videos that help churches get more visitors, raise support, and further the Kingdom of God

Start using the most effective media tool available to connect with your community, build trust, and reach your ministry’s goals.

What can our videos do for your ministry?

We are so glad you asked.

Boost community awareness

People can’t visit your church or support your ministry if they don’t know you exist. Our videos are capable of introducing you to thousands of people that are interested in learning more about who you are.

Maximize your outreach

The personal touch of a home visit still works, but why not maximize your efforts by connecting with thousands of people in a personal way through online video.

Build trust with people

Building trust is the key to lasting relationships. If you want people to commit to visiting or supporting your ministry, they need to be informed about who you are and what your mission is.

Raise (a lot) of funds

By God’s grace, our videos have raised over a million dollars in support for missionaries, institutions, and church projects. A good video will often go farther than any letter, meeting, or campaign.

Stand out from the crowd

People see hundreds of print and digital ads every week. Why not stand out above the noise and engage them through video to leave a lasting impression.

Do more with less

Pound for pound, good videos are the most effective way to engage people online. What is more expensive is neglecting video as part of your communication strategy!

Our work speaks for itself

After years of working with churches all over the country, we’ve developed a proven framework to help you achieve whatever success looks like for you; more visitors, faster fundraising, and more.

Deputation Video

Shaffers to Kansas City, MO

Christian School Video

Central Baptist Academy

Church Website Video

Grayson Bible Baptist Church

Ministry Story Video

Creation Experience Museum

Here’s how we can work together

Two (soon to be three!) ways we typically work with ministries.

Single Video

Perfect for ministries who want to share who they are in an authentic & engaging way.

Video Campaign

Typically 2–5 videos that work together to inform and inspire people to take action.

Outreach Funnel

A multifaceted system that combines video, a website, and email to connect people with your ministry.

Are you ready to reach

more people with video?


What are ministry leaders saying about Magnify Church Media?

"We had a great experience with Magnify Church Media"

The professionalism and the product were just what you would expect. We are very pleased with the results and plan to use them again for future video’s. I give my highest recommendation to anyone considering this company. You will not be disappointed! Christian and Sarah are fun to work with and produce the best in pictures and video designed to meet your needs!

Pastor John Waterloo, Central Baptist Church

"People just don't tolerate BAD presentations anymore!"

So up-to-date video is critical to at LEAST not create a bad impression. But MAGNIFY CHURCH MEDIA takes it even further. It’s not just fine—it is excellent. Phenomenal quality and a perfect way to catch attention.

Pastor Bryan Shaffer, Fountain City Baptist Church

"Incredible, first-class work"

Magnify Church Media is not only an immense blessing and joy to work with, but they also do incredible, first-class work. I would highly recommend this company for any media needs your church or ministry might have!

Pastor Micah Lassater, Sun City Baptist Church

video has proven to be most effective

The results are in; video is the undefeated champ of digital media

Based on recent statistics, it is clear that video has far outpreformed all other forms of media communication. More than ever, now is the time to invest in quality videos that reach more people. Let us create a video for your ministry that will authentically communicate your message and vision to others who need to hear it.


retention rate of information from video


of users prefer video content vs. static ads


of online user traffic is now video


more likely to click through from video

7 mistakes to avoid when leveraging video for outreach

Get the complete guide so that you don’t waste money and time using videos that are ineffective at reaching more people.

Magnify Church Media is a full-service video agency for churches and Christian organizations. We create videos that effectively engage people online.

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